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Harnessing the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics to Help Brands Maximize Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Investments

What we do
SPORTSBIZ is Disrupting the $120B Global Business of Sports
We deploy transformative solutions to remedy the vast financial inefficiencies that plague the business of sport. Our team supports brands to most effectively engage with athletes, teams, leagues, associations, venues, and events in marketing and sponsorship partnerships.
  • Driving decisions based on personal preferences
  • Employing no proven systems to quantify sponsorship value
  • Depending solely on the strategic guidance of rights owners and agencies, as well as lacking empirical methods when allocating budgets


Brands misspend 50% of all corporate sponsorship dollars as a result of:


SPORTSBIZ's end-to-end suite of products empowers brands to:

  • Discover and target their optimal sports assets
  • Design and execute superior marketing strategies
  • Measure and analyze the value generated by their past and future investments
SPORTSBIZ brings together accomplished experts from technology, business, sports and creative industries to ensure a product that is tailored to brand needs and set the new industry standard.

Luc Vanhal President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Rudnick Chairman of the Board

Steve Feuerstein Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Charles Boyle Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Gene Curtis Chief Technology Officer

Richard Veltre Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Hunzeker Strategic Advisor

Blandine Jean-Paul Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy

Lee Walsi Johnson Senior Vice President, Brand Activation

Phil Walker Strategic Advisor

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